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Macrame as Sculpture
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This is Macrame

If your idea of macrame is 1970s plant holders, that idea is about to change.

All of the work shown on this site comes down to three simple knots.

Macrame is more than jute these days.

Macrame is more than craft.

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Workshops, Tutorials and Blogs

Here are some links that wake up my macrame muse.
This is not a "how to macrame" site. But if you are anything like me, I love to look at tutorials and it's often where I find answers to design problems.
If you have a link you'd like to share, contact me.
Time to get lost in links...enjoy!


Contact Percy Palomino Tomayquispe for macrame jewelry lessons via Skype.

Visit Dawn Standera from for listings of her workshops.

Visit Kerrie Sue Miller from Interlace Designs for listings of her workshops.

Visit Marion Hunziker-Larsen's Workshop Page for listings of her workshops

Visit Joan Babcock's Calendar Page for listings of her workshops

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